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Areas of Expertise

Mental Wellness, Dating, Exercise & Health, Confidence, Self Esteem, Grooming, Motivation,
Self Control, Sexual Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Masculinity, Accountability, Self Mastery, & Life Lessons.

Masculinity, Leadership, & Alpha Mentality

Men, especially young men without a father figure present in the home, can struggle with self identity and cofactors like masculinity, leadership, and complex aspects of manhood. Other men need a confidant and someone to vent to, pour out to, and lean on for valuable direction.

Motivation, Accountability, & Lifestyle Changes

We were designed to sharpen each other; motivate and gain inspiration from each other. Confession is the key to being whole. Motivation with direction is incredible. Accountability can often be the exact denominator needed to escort us to much needed lifestyle changes. Gain powerful motivation that could alter your future.

Confidence, Self Esteem, & Healthy Ego

There is nothing wrong with a healthy ego. Confidence, self esteem, and self value are critical components of being a mature, high value, and healthy individual. Learn, sessions by session, to walk in a superior mindset and high level self confidence. 

My Experience & Passion

With a history as a volunteer in women's and men's prisons for many years, I was able to take life change concepts to men and women in their darkest spots. Where they had no hope, no direction, and no influence; I had the blessing, opportunity, and privilege to earn the trust and hearts of those incarcerated, and touch their lives and minds. I have also been a guest speaker in churches, homeless shelters, nursing homes, and rescue

missions; coaching, teaching, & motivating.

Now as a long time influencer and YouTube award holder of over 10 years, I have been able to mentor fans from around the world; individuals both young and old - male and female. Soldiers, businessmen, athletes, students, and many other walks of life - have I been honored to mentor.

I have a deep, sincere, and urgent passion to see men and women reach their highest potential, to reach their goals, and attain what they thought not possible. I am here to impart wisdom, be an ear to hear, be a source of direction and guidance, to motivate, educate, and be strong help in your achievements, accomplishments, and aspirations. 


My Approach
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